Using Online Dashboards for Tracking Studies



The Challenge

A leading insurance provider contracted our services to track the experience of their customers and brokers. Our goal was to assess their service performance and identify opportunities for improvement to provide a better overall experience for their key customers.

The Objective

The primary objectives of this research were to determine the current satisfaction levels of the various groups of customers who interact with our client, understand the needs and expectations of these groups, and specifically how it impacted the different types of interactions customers had. Additionally, we aimed to compare the overall results to benchmarks and previous years of the study, and to industry standards, where applicable, as a means to capture best practices.

The Solution

To meet the research objectives, we recommended a multimodal approach to data collection. This approach involved administering a well-structured customer experience survey to their customers by phone and online to enhance the survey response rate. We also recommended using an interactive online dashboard to track their satisfaction averages. The online dashboard is designed to handle data from different sources through API connectors and generate eye-catching visualizations in real time when data collection commences. It can be customized to our customer’s brands and needs.

The goal of this portal was to track the current year’s data and compare it against previous years’ scores to benchmark success at the moment and track year-to-date progress.

The Outcome

The research findings were presented in an online dashboard that is flexible, neat, and easily accessible by our client. We gave our client web access to the dashboard to view the results from when the data collection commenced.

Through the portal, our client could see their customers’ satisfaction rates and address any key concerns in the types of interactions customers were having when submitting a claim, inquiring about rates or services, and even methods of connecting (i.e., email, chat, phone, etc.). This level of detail allowed our client to address any key concerns internally before they became a larger issue that could impact their overall satisfaction rates at year-end.

Overall, our client found strong advocacy for their brand and that customers would be willing to use their products and services in the future, both quarterly and annually. This detailed ongoing tracking enabled our clients to provide status updates on key metrics to stakeholders within their organization, increasing their trust in the data and positioning them as experts in customer experience.

With the portal, our clients could view real-time customer experience data, and we believed this was important to them in making crucial business decisions and changes to help with the outlook of their services.

We also recommended using an interactive online dashboard where we integrate the client’s data using TIBCO Spotfire technology to track their satisfaction averages. 

Want to learn more?

Download our case study on using online dashboards for tracking studies and learn how Insightrix helped a leading insurance provider track customer experience and identify areas for improvement.