Using Interactive Portals to Access and Visualize Data from Multiple Sources



The Challenge

Our client needed to conduct a follow-up survey of program participants to measure key metrics and gauge the success and effectiveness of the program. The challenge was to analyze and visualize data collected from multiple sources, such as telephone and online surveys, while ensuring the responses and completion rates were in one central location for analysis.

The Objective

The primary objective was to measure participants’ success a few months after completing the program and then again one year later. The research aims to gauge participants’ perceptions of the programs offered, including program completion and satisfaction, hopefulness, effects on their goals, and impacts on their opportunities. Additionally, our client would like to track participants’ responses and completion rates throughout the data collection timeframe.

The Solution

To increase response and completion rates, we recommended sending the survey link via email and SMS, followed by telephone calls. Participants could choose to complete the survey via telephone or online. Additionally, we provided an offline report and an executive level Scorecard for analysis and reporting, using regression modelling and non-response analysis.

We also recommended an online interactive portal to monitor progress, with real-time monthly response and completion rates, live results, and data export options. The portal was structured to connect to multiple data sources via API.

The Outcome

The online portal allowed the client to view key metrics in real-time, benchmark against previous years’ data, and monitor response and completion rates. The addition of tracking provided transparency between the client and Insightrix, ensuring accurate measurement of all programs with a secure process and minimal surprises at year-end.

Want to know more?

Download our case study to learn how we helped a client measure program success and visualize data collected from multiple sources, resulting in increased response and completion rates and real-time monitoring of key metrics through an online interactive portal.