Citizen Consultations

Today, customers have relationships with brands across many different channels (in the store, online and through apps). It’s more important than ever that the various pieces of the overall brand puzzle fit together and provide a consistent narrative.

Make better policy and business decisions through more effective citizen engagement and consultations. At Insightrix, our facilitators use both emerging and traditional approaches to gain a deeper understanding of stakeholders.

We conduct in-person consultations using methods such as public meetings and focus groups. We also conduct consultations online using bulletin boards, real-time focus groups and online community panels.  Many times, we combine both online and in-person methods.


A valuable approach to consultation is online community panels. An online Insightrix Community panel compliments traditional research by delivering timely and valuable insights from key stakeholders.


All of our citizen consultation tools, whether online or in-person, will enable you to make data-driven policy decisions, strengthen public campaigns and improve the lives of those living in your community.

Enlist & Engage

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Monitor Behaviours

Gather Intelligence

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Saskatchewan Government Online Community Project

As part of its investigation into the need for a provincial anti-bullying strategy, the Saskatchewan Government challenged Insightrix to develop and deliver the most effective public consultation process.


Based on the study results, Insightrix was able to inform and assist with the development of the Legislative Secretary’s report and recommendations to the Minister of Education for the development of a provincial anti-bullying strategy.