Maximizing Campaign Effectiveness: A Case Study of Insightrix AdCheck’s Online Testing Approach



The Challenge

In 2021, Insightrix was contracted by a leading telecommunications provider in the province to test its brand campaign using Insightrix AdCheck. The client wanted to evaluate three animatic advertisements and two radio ads focused on business solutions, targeting business decision-makers. The goal was to compare the performance of the ads against industry norms.

The Objective

The objective of the study was to measure the effectiveness of the three brand advertisements based on four critical criteria:


Positive Emotional


Differentiation from competitors


Representation of the client’s vision to build a better world

Value Proposition

Demonstration of the client’s value proposition

The Solution

We also recommended our interactive online portal as a solution, as this provided a flexible and centralized repository that allows for real-time access to research findings. The portal is designed to handle data from multiple sources through API connectors, providing eye-catching visualizations and instant analysis. This enables our experts to deliver results faster and in real time.

Brand Memorability

Brand memorability:
enjoyment, involvement, and memorability


understandability and message clarity

Reputation and Persuasion

Response and persuasion:
new information, brand appeal, and relevance

We also offered our interactive online portal deliverable as a solution. This flexible and centralized repository provides real-time access to research findings, using API connectors to handle data from multiple sources.

With eye-catching visualizations and instant analysis, the portal allows our experts to deliver results faster and in real time.

The Outcome

The research findings were presented in an online portal with informative and easy-to-interpret charts. This allows our clients to view the performance of the ads in real time and compare them to industry norms.

The client is given web access to the portal the same day the study launches and can filter data presented based on their needs. The charts can be exported to .PDF or PowerPoint for easy stakeholder distribution. Making it easy to share important insights across departments or to the agency in real time!

Through the portal, our client can gain insights into how the target audience feels about the creative, their connection with the brand, and the overall impact of the ads on the desired target audience. All while comparing to the industry norm. With this, our client can decide on the most effective ad to adopt.

We recognize the importance of quickly making production and creative changes, so we provide our clients with real-time access to the portal. This helps our clients and their creative agencies pivot and make essential decisions sooner and when it matters! In some cases providing significant cost savings because we may have caught a problem area before it became a problem.

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