How Insightrix Used a Portal to Visualize Brand Mentions Online 



The Challenge

In the wake of the pandemic in 2020, Insightrix embarked on a media monitoring campaign for their clients. With the proliferation of social media in everyday life, clients now drop feedback and opinions for brands on different social media platforms. Sampling feedback from survey comments might not be sufficient to get balanced feedback for brands. Therefore, there was a need to engage in implicit research by digging through brands’ online mentions.

The primary goals, in this case, were broken into 3 phases:

To collate data from different online sources into a central repository

To analyze these data for sentiments attached to them

Subsequently visualize
the analysis

The Objective

The overarching objective here was to track brands’ online mentions and the feelings attached to them. Insightrix also wanted to visualize these mentions and the sentiments (i.e., emotional connections) associated with and linked to these mentions. Insightrix utilized web scraping to extract large volumes of data from information sources such as websites. 

The Solution

We recommended the use of web scraping and the design of an interactive dashboard. Web scraping is used for extracting data from websites. In our case, we recommended web scraping to extract a brand’s mentions from different websites.

In this approach, we web-scraped social media sites.

Data extracted through this process were passed to the online portal for analysis and visualization that was interactive, flexible, and appealing to the client.

We also recommended performing sentiment analysis on the extracted data. The online portal supports algorithms for sentiment analysis using R and Python scripts.

It also supports the visualization of the results of sentiment analysis in a way as to satisfy our clients’ needs and specifications. This makes the data easy to understand and deliver to external stakeholders.

A major benefit to web scraping is its ability to collect unsolicited feedback that provides a holistic view of the brand and helps round out any primary data collection approach.

The Outcome

This brand’s mentions, date affiliation to specific words and media types were gathered from various social media sites to provide a holistic picture of the brand.

The sentiment scores for the texts used in the brands’ mentions were derived from the analysis. These scores determine the dimensions of the sentiments, be they negative, neutral, or positive.

Insightrix designed an online portal containing the web scraping results as a data table and sentiment analysis results. The portal featured a dashboard that presents sentiment analysis results as a table with the texts, sentiments and their sentiment scores and in charts as bubble charts, word clouds, emojis and bar charts.

Insightrix provided clients access to the online portal to see the results of their brand monitoring on the media.

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