Concept Testing

We offer a full range of solutions to evaluate consumer responses before introducing a product or service to market.

When it comes to introducing a new product or service, you should consider testing the idea first to help you figure out key customer expectations. Concept testing will identify consumer perceptions, wants and needs for your new product or service.


We offer a full range of solutions to help our clients make the best decisions at all stages of product/service development. Our concept testing will allow you to improve your product, shift your priorities and increase your product-market match.


Many clients utilize our online panels to conduct their testing. We can approach our panellists – and potential customers – at a fraction of the cost of a traditional sample approach.

No matter the industry, we are able to implement a number of techniques using a standardized approach to ensure your product/service will be successful in the marketplace.

Identify the segments of the population to which your product/service appeals.

Assess the relative appeal of alternative ideas and features desirable to the targeted market segments.

Provide actionable results to developing the product/service and its promotion, distribution and pricing.