Saskatchewan New Democrats Virtual Nomination Elections 2020

Conducting secure, mobile-optimized nomination elections online 

The Challenge

In March of 2020, the Saskatchewan New Democrats (SaskNDP) announced the implementation of a social distancing policy in response to the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic. This included all SaskNDP public gatherings, including nomination contests.

With the 2020 Saskatchewan Legislative Election quickly approaching (October 26, 2020), the Saskatchewan NDP needed to complete the nomination process in five constituencies.

The Solution

To ensure the Saskatchewan NDP nominations could move forward while concurrently adhering to the public health requirements of COVID-19, the SaskNDP contacted Insightrix Research® about administering secure online voting nominations.

Insightrix worked closely with SaskNDP representatives to ensure the secure transfer of all eligible voter contact information for each constituency and candidate profiles for those seeking the nomination in each constituency.

From there, Insightrix went to work and developed a secure online (mobile optimized) voting platform with an option for voters to submit their vote over the telephone (inbound calling) or via a unique URL  link sent to their email address or cellphone. Insightrix also provided full technical support to voters.

The Outcome

Between May 21 and 25, 2020, members of the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party cast their votes online and over the telephone. Across the five nomination elections, the member voter turnout was over 83%.

Following the closure of the voting process, Insightrix Research provided the voting results for all constituencies and conducted a debriefing session with Saskatchewan NDP representatives.

The Future

By employing a virtual nomination process using Insightrix Online Voting, the SASKNDP were able to conduct their nomination contest securely, accurately and safely as they maintained the safety of their members in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.