Customer Experience Research Reporting through Interactive Portals

A convenient, attractive and centralized insights repository to explore and assess research findings



The Challenge

Insightrix was contracted by a financial services provider to develop and administer a satisfaction survey with their members who have recently experienced an in-person, scheduled interaction with an account manager at one of their branches.

The financial services provider desired access to up-to-date results from the satisfaction survey and also desired a means by which to filter the survey results using various factors, such as the name of account manager, branch, the type of service and the age and gender of the members.

The Objective

The primary purposes of this research were to determine the satisfaction levels of members who interact with the client’s account managers, to understand the needs and expectations of the various customer segments who interact with their account managers (i.e., business, personal, etc.), to establish baseline metrics (i.e., Net Promoter Score, Advocacy Index, etc.) and to compare the results of the research to benchmarks as identified in industry best practices.

The Solution

Insightrix worked with the client’s representatives to develop a survey methodology that fully addressed the research objectives stated above. Further, Insightrix developed a portal solution as a supplement to traditional reporting, allowing for a convenient, attractive and centralized insights repository through which stakeholders could explore and asses research findings in real time.

The survey included key metrics such as Net Promoter Score (i.e., likelihood to recommend); customer satisfaction with services provided, with relationships and with their recent transaction; customer loyalty (i.e., likeliness to continue to use, speak well about the brand); corporate image (i.e., frequently appears in the media, has a good reputation and corporate social responsibility, is innovative and pioneering, is open and interacts well with customers); service quality (i.e., provides access to information and services, performs services as promised, provides documentation correctly); and perceived value (i.e., financial services client provides additional benefits, provides flexibility, meets my expectations).

In addition, the research included questions tailored to the different services accessed by the member and the behaviour and perceptions of customers. The research also included open-ended qualitative questions to gather the voice of the member to understand the reasons for their ratings better. Insightrix also included a question in the research that provided an option for the member to receive a follow-up call from the client on any unaddressed issue they may have, thereby providing the client with the ability to close the loop.


The Outcome

Various metrics measuring customer satisfaction were computed from the questions described above, such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS), Advocacy Index and Customer Effort Score. The overall satisfaction levels of members based on appointment scheduling and experience with their account manager were also computed.

These results and other insights from the survey results such as the difference in these metrics based on age and gender are provided on an ongoing basis to the client through quarterly and annual reports.

Insightrix also provided the client with access to an online portal of the survey results. Insightrix Portals have the capability to display the survey results (including voice of member data) in one central location.

This provided stakeholders with easy-to-understand results with drill-down capabilities by creating individual user groups through role-based permissions access to the online portal. The most relevant information and insights were provided according to individual needs.

It is the Insightrix philosophy for member experience reporting that the right people should have access to the right data at the right time.

The online portal was completely customized to meet the needs and preferences of the client, and is sophisticated in nature in that it can automatically calculate key metrics like Net Promoter Score, a key driver of overall satisfaction.

The Future

The online portal developed for the financial services client displays real-time results from the survey in the form of informative, easy-to-interpret charts.

The dashboard includes a summary page that presents the key metrics from the study shown, and other pages that trend these key metrics over time. The portal also includes a word cloud to analyze and view open-ended comments.

These charts can be exported to .PDF and PowerPoint for easy distribution among research stakeholders.

Through the dashboard, the client can view the performance of specific branches and account managers and is able to react more quickly and make business decisions that may impact member satisfaction.


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