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Corporate Reputation index dashboards evolved



The Insightrix Corporate Reputation index (CRi) measures and tracks key drivers of corporate reputation for businesses and brands interested in reputation tracking. Data is collected weekly, and the results are available through an online dashboard service our clients can access anytime.

In order to provide clients with the ability to compare their reputation against their peers’ and competitors’, Insightrix identified a gap in our current portal provider – the software service was satisfactory. Still, the data presentation lacked flexibility and did not entirely serve clients’ needs.

The need was a dashboard software that would continue to allow clients to track their reputation metrics from their dashboards – ultimately to help them make better decisions on the fly and with just a glance.


The highest priority: We wanted a more streamlined approach to dashboard building to serve our clients faster.

Our research services were often overtaxed with building dashboards that consumed their valuable time, as our old software required our specialists to automate spreadsheets before feeding the data into dashboards… it was not cutting it anymore.

Insightrix chose a new dashboard-building software by conducting a competitive vendor analysis to comply with our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification requirements.

During the competitive vendor analysis, our Innovation and Knowledge Centre identified the criteria for a desired dashboard service: flexibility, ease of dashboard building, no lag time between data and analysis, and variability of data visualizations.


After completing the vendor analysis, Insightrix found a dashboard software with capabilities that allowed our data scientists to go deeper within the data. Further, the new dashboard-building service would enable our experts to create dashboards in hours rather than days – a time saver for people with no time to spare.

The dashboard-building formulas and functions’ flexibility would allow for instant data analysis while handling complex JSON/XML data sources from many different APIs. This allowed our experts to show off their dashboard-building skills and initiate new ways of building online portals for clients.

Not only was the functionality far superior but the look and feel of the dashboard also gave more flexibility with data visualizations – giving clients dashboards set up the way they want rather than restricted to what the software would allow.

By switching to a new dashboard-building service, Insightrix has made dashboards faster, visualized data without lag time and provided monitoring and tracking tools with more appealing, more digestible and more accessible ways to share your data.

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