Advanced Analytics

We are experts who blend the science of statistics with the art of storytelling, using advanced analytics to illuminate complex questions and unlock hidden insights.

Market research analysis can be complex and quite rigorous; research is a numbers game and it is often presented that way, leaving statistics that confuse and bewilder rather than simplify and validate.


When using advanced analytical techniques, we always adhere to the following principles:

  • Blend the science of statistics with the art of storytelling. The analysis can be complex and rigorous. However, we place great value on translating these numbers into clear narratives without bogging the reader down in jargon and difficult calculations.


  • Select the best methodology. We can conduct a variety of advanced analytical techniques, but we don’t undertake these approaches just for the sake of doing them. We approach each project from a neutral perspective: if the problem can be addressed in a simple and more cost-effective manner, we’ll leave the advanced analytics for another time.


  • Work closely with our clients. Advanced analytics are used for complex business questions, and we work in partnership with our clients to ensure the analysis will ultimately address their needs. We work in partnership with our clients throughout the research analysis, helping them to implement the study findings after the report is delivered.

Trade-off Analysis

Market Segmentation

Predictive Modelling


Market Segmentation to increase ridership

Maintaining an efficient and cost-effective public transit system is the goal of many municipalities.


However, the challenge of doing so is substantial. Few public institutions have as many moving parts: routes, transfers, payment methods, schedules and fares, among others.