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How to Prioritize Customer Research

Customer research is crucial

In a recent article entitled, How to Prioritize Customer Research when Everything is a Priority, author Michael Margolis looks at the common challenges that he hears when meeting with startups. Each week he meets with startup CEO’s and the common question that he hears again and again is in regards to what role research should play?

He states that the resounding question sounds like this: We have a small design team, and a long list of projects in different stages. On top of that, our bosses just asked us to work on personas, customer journeys, experience maps, i.e.,  [fill in the blank with other large research deliverables]. We want to incorporate more customer research, but we can’t do it all.

What should we do? What should we test? 

Margolis explains how testing ideas is important, but when you are dealing with a startup where time and resources are limited, the question comes down to prioritizing research, and then assess the potential impact of each effort and it’s urgency. He suggests a list of questions to ask before starting user research, to help identify key goals, important research questions and deadlines for each item……..


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