Education Research

Our research solutions are tailored to support institutions with practical research involving student recruitment, student retention, branding, reputation, service and alumni engagement.

Post-secondary education is a key to prosperity, not just for society, but also for the students who are prepared to take on the opportunity of learning. Conducting market research to improve students’ experience and outcomes is critical to improving the overall system.


No matter the objective for the study – we have created a research toolbox suited to various studies in this sector. We regularly gather input from students, alumni, prospective students, parents, teachers and faculty, invested business leaders, board and association members and government officials.

We work closely with our clients to help identify strategies to ensure their institutions succeed in attracting and retaining students. Over the years, our commitment to research in this sector has produced strong results for our clients who range from major universities to public school boards.

Identify strategies to ensure succession in attracting and retaining students.

Determine satisfaction and employment rates of your graduates.

Understand motives for attending post-secondary education and gain feedback on the services offered.

Monitor and report current wages of alumni in their respective industries.