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Episode 18: Market Research & Employee Engagement

As a result of COVID-19, the last few months have been a large adjustment for the employees of businesses all over the world. They’ve had to learn new systems and new ways of staying operational in what is a completely unprecedented business environment.

For many employees, staying connected and engaged with their places of work has been something they have had to navigate – perhaps for the first time.

So, for this episode, we’re diving into the topic employee engagement!

We’re joined by Grant Douziech, Partner and Senior Consultant with Apex Performance Consultants and expert in cultivating and maintaining employee engagement.

In our conversation, Grant shares why employee engagement is so crucial for businesses of all sizes, offers some tips and best practices for managing remote teams, provides some thoughts on steps businesses should take as they look to reopen their doors to their staff and a whole lot more.

Grant recently authored an article in The Business Advisor magazine, titled Working From Home: Is It Here to Stay? Check it out – it’s a great read.

Later in the episode, we speak with Insightrix Chief Revenue Officer, Shonna Caldwell, to get some thoughts about employee engagement research itself – what methodologies work best, how often the research should be done, what should be covered (and what shouldn’t be discussed) and who should be included.

If you would like to know more about Insightrix employee engagement research, contact us. 

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