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Episode 9: Digital Marketing & Small Business

Stories of Market Research: The Insightrix Podcast is back with a brand new episode for a brand new season.

Season 2 opens with Episode 9: Market Research, Digital Marketing & Small Business, in which we are joined by social impact entrepreneur and communications consultant, Katrina German.

In our conversation, Katrina unpacks some of the knowledge and the strategies she has developed in her book, Action Tracking: Master Your Digital Marketing Strategy in Under 30 Days, to help owners of small- and medium-sized businesses and marketers employed by them create digital marketing plans that will help them break through the digital clutter and stand out against the marketing of much larger businesses.

We discuss the tools business owners and marketers can use to develop their own digital marketing plans, as well as how they can use the data gathered for experiments with these tools to do their own market research to make their marketing plans even better. We also discuss some of the more accessible tools available to small- and medium-sized business owners and marketers from market research agencies, like omnibus research and syndicated reporting, and how they can use them.

Later in the episode, Katrina lays out some of the new trends that she believes digital marketers can expect to see in the future, as well as some tricks that will help get your digital messages noticed.

If you would like more information about Katrina German or would like to contact her, check out her website,

You can also find more information about her book, Action Tracking: Master Your Digital Marketing Strategy in Under 30 Days, on her website as well.

Learn more about the Insightrix OnTopicĀ® omnibus research service and Insightrix syndicated reports, like the Corporate Reputation Index (CRi) and the Saskatchewan Media Usage Study.

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