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Episode 22: Online Voting

The act of voting is a large part of many elements of our society. That is why voting should be inclusive and accessible, and in many cases, it should be made available to as many members of a group or constituency as possible –  especially in times like today, when many are unable or unwilling to attend public events like votes due to COVID-19.

One of the ways organizations have chosen to tackle this reality is through online voting.

Online votes, elections, plebiscites, referendums and the like can help cut through many of the challenges associated with in-person voting, as it allows voters to participate remotely and in many cases, conveniently.

In Episode 22 of Stories of Market Research, we are talking about just that – online voting and what it’s all about.

To kick off the episode, we speak with John Tzupa of the Saskatchewan NDP to hear about an online vote their party recently worked with Insightrix to accomplish. John speaks about why the SASKNDP chose to employ an online voting methodology and some of the benefits and challenges they found in the process, and he shares some tips for other organizations who may be looking into the online voting process themselves.

Then, later in the episode, we speak with Insightrix Research Director, Lang McGilp, and Insightrix Project Manager, Stacy Bernales, to discuss how online voting projects are done, concerns some may have with the methodology like security and accuracy and what it’s like to work on online voting projects from both a research perspective and a project management perspective.

If you would like to know more about Insightrix Online Voting or about the online voting project Insightrix worked on with the Saskatchewan NDP specifically, please read this case study to learn more.

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