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Episode 19: Market Research & Usability Testing

For this nineteenth episode of Stories of Market Research, we’re taking a dive into the subject of usability testing.

Sometimes referred to as UX testing, usability testing is an essential part of the digital development process. By testing websites or apps, organizations can be assured their product will behave as it was intended with its target user group, but further than that, it assures that the product will meet the user experience needs of that group. UX testing can produce insights that can guarantee better end usability and a better experience for end users.

For this episode, we’re joined by Petrina Holoszyc, the Director, Research Partner at Validately.

Validately is a platform many researchers will already be well aware of for its use in UX research and usability testing. In our conversation, Petrina tells us all about how the Validately platform produces insights for clients and how researchers use it to capture the essence of a user’s UX journey. Then, later on, Petrina offers some tips and tricks for folks who may be new to the Validately platform. 

Later in the episode, our CRO, Shonna Caldwell, joins the podcast to fill us in on how UX research is done at Insightrix and to talk about the benefits Insightrix clients see from engaging in this type of testing. Then, Shonna shares some information about an exciting recent UX project in which we performed usability testing for a client in the process of developing a crop science website (read the case study). We also discuss some of the challenges researchers can encounter when doing UX research, as well as some of the ways these challenges can be overcome.

If you’re interested in learning more about Insightrix UX Testing, check out this case study where we describe how we helped a Canadian provincial government agency develop a professional services website to serve the labour market needs of a regional municipality that met the usability needs of its target user groups.

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