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Episode 16: Market Research & COVID-19

This episode of Stories of Market Research is different than the episodes we’ve produced in the past.

Usually, The Insightrix Podcast looks to speak with business leaders and research professionals from all over the globe to discuss different aspects of the market research industry. Episode 16 – Market Research & COVID-19 focuses more on our company, Insightrix Research, to tell our own story of how we’re adapting our business and our operations to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In the episode, we speak with Insightrix Chief Revenue Officer, Shonna Caldwell, to get news on how other organizations in the insights space are adjusting to the circumstances, how Insightrix is adapting and adopting technologies in our research and our operations as well as how participants are responding in terms of engagement and response rates.

Later, we speak with Lang McGilp, Insightrix Research Director, to look into how Insightrix is adapting its research methodologies and technologies to doing research during the pandemic, get some rules of thumb to follow when designing surveys in times such as these and learn how doing some forms of B2B research may be highly beneficial to organizations looking to determine how to respond both during the crisis, and after it.

And both Lang and Shonna share how they’ve been getting along working from home and adjusting their work habits to isolation, and how this may impact work routines moving forward for themselves, as well as the teams they manage.

Finally, we touch base with Chris Twa, our IT Support and Systems Admin, to hear about how Insightrix was able to mobilize its professional staff and entire call centre operations to a remote working arrangement.

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