ManitobaWatch is a Manitoba-only research panel, built and managed by Insightrix Research, focused on Manitoba issues.

The ManitobaWatch panel was recently launched by Insightrix Research and is open to all Manitoba residents 18 years of age and older.


Through the panel, Manitoba members can influence decisions being made in their community and province. Members are invited to complete surveys and take part in qualitative research activities.


About Us

Launched in 2014, ManitobaWatch provides residents the opportunity to have their say on a variety of issues facing Manitoba and local communities.

Earn Reward Points


Your time is money and therefore our surveys are paid for. Earn reward points, turn them into e-Transfers, cheques or charitable donations.


Donate Points To Charity


Our members continue to donate their survey earnings to the local charities they care about.

Your Chance to Win


We regularly run contests and sweepstakes each month for iPads, event tickets, and even cold hard cash! Earn rewards just for logging in!

Be The Voice


Our Manitoba-only panel provides residents an opportunity to make their opinions matter and voice heard on issues related to Manitoba.