Post-Pandemic Business Recovery Report Vol. 3

To continue examining the impact of the pandemic, labour shortages and inflation on Saskatchewan’s small and medium-sized businesses, Insightrix conducted a business impact assessment survey with owners and decision-makers in April 2022. 

The Post-Pandemic Saskatchewan Business Recovery Report Volume III provides a business perspective on the impact of the pandemic in Saskatchewan. 

This is the third wave of this study, with past waves conducted in July 2020 and March 2021. Volume III includes new questions that consider the emerging challenges related to labour shortages and how inflation is impacting businesses.

A few of the questions covered in Volume III include:

  • What are the key challenges facing businesses, such as rising input and labour costs, supply chain issues, staffing, debt management and increasing interest rates?
  • What strategies have businesses undertaken to address challenges faced
  • How are work environments faring, including the mental health of staff?
  • What approaches are employers taking to retain staff?
  • How are employers managing rising costs? How much are they increasing prices to end customers?
  • Do businesses feel they have fully recovered to pre-pandemic levels?
  • What aspects of their businesses will be permanently altered because of the pandemic?


Excluding 5% tax