Youth Engagement Strategy


To collaborate on issues impacting urban youth in Saskatoon, Insightrix worked with the City of Saskatoon to create a social media brand to encourage participation during the breakout focus groups.


The City of Saskatoon contracted Insightrix to drive a social media based event campaign and marketing strategy for youth engagement. The strategy aimed at increasing event awareness and engagement on social media before, during and after the event.  


Main digital marketing objectives for the forum included:

  • Registration process with 3 intended audiences: youth in Saskatoon, community influencers, and Indigenous people.
  • Engaging both Saskatoon youth as well as CBOs using a branded social media strategy. 
  • Creating before, during, and after-event strategies in order to create campaign awareness and recruit participants.
  • Giving event goers the opportunity to speak out in a live setting by Periscope, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


To meet the digital marketing objectives for this forum, Insightrix Digital crafted a branded hashtag #YOUTHSPEAKYXE to create a digital marketing campaign.  


Insightrix created a targeted social media campaign to create awareness about the event. Engaging posts and tweets were sent out before the event and a landing page was setup to ease the registration process. The social media messaging was followed up by a call to action to increase registration and signups for the event.


With campaign period of just one week before the event date, paid advertisements were utilized to get the campaign off the ground and garner maximum awareness and engagement. Facebook and Instagram ads were used to reach out to youth in Saskatoon and community based organizations and drive traffic to the registration landing page.  The social media strategy also included automation before, during, and after the event.


With the use of third party, industry-leading platforms like Hubspot and Sendible, Insightrix were able to integrate event awareness within existing communities and their social networks to leverage promotion and campaign awareness.



The social media campaign was a success and helped the City engage with hard to reach user groups. As a result of the social media strategy, Insightrix was able to promote the event, build engagement, gather feedback and having a full house during the event.

Some highlights and analytics depicting the reach and engagement during the campaign period and event day.

City Saskatoon-Social Media-Langing Page-Analytics
City Saskatoon-Social Media-Twitter-Facebook-Engagement-Digital Marketing-Analytics