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The Saskatchewan Media Habits Syndicated Study is the first comprehensive research study in over a decade to objectively measure media habits and patterns of Saskatchewan residents.

The Saskatchewan Media Habits study will provide comprehensive & representative measurement of media habits across different devices, media types, and specific subscriptions and publications.

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    Why do Saskatchewan marketeres need this report?

    The Saskatchewan Media Habits study will:

    • Provide an accurate and representative snapshot of media usage among Saskatchewan residents.
    • Examine the usage of traditional versus new media, including social media.
    • Look at generational usage of media including Trailing Millennials (14-25), Leading Millennials (26-31), Generation X (32-48), Baby Boomers (49-67), and Matures (68+).
    • Serve as an indispensable tool for digital marketing intelligence in the Saskatchewan marketplace.

    Read the first edition of our Social Media Habits Report released in November, 2015. 

    Learn More About What’s Included

    • Digital democracy

      Examines a multi-generational view of consumer technology, media and telecom trends.

    • Advertising, shopping & apps

      Examines a multi-generational view of Sask. residents’ views on advertising, shopping and app usage.

    • Social media usage

      Examines a multi-generational view of Sask. residents’ usage of social media.

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