q1: Overall, for yourself personally, would you say...? Base: All respondents; n = 801

Saskatchewan – A Year in Review 2020

In late December, Insightrix conducted an independent poll with Saskatchewan residents to understand how 2020 has impacted our lives. We asked residents how their work-life balance has changed, how productive they feel working from home, how 2020 has affected their overall health and the lasting perceived effect of 2020 on us.

Insightrix surveyed 801 Saskatchewan residents on our consumer panel, SaskWatch Research®. Quotas were set by age, gender and region to match the general population. Data were collected from November 16 to 20, 2020.

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. 

Just over half (51%) of Saskatchewan residents say that 2020 was a bad year. No surprises there.

Those who say that COVID-19 contributed to their year badly, nearly all (95%) say it has contributed “a little/a lot”.

While a majority of residents say 2020 was not the best year, some residents shared why they believe the year was either good or bad for them.

Is working from home here to stay?

When asked if Saskatchewan residents had to move to a remote working arrangement, more than half (58%) say yes, while 38% say they did not.

Many Saskatchewan residents say they worked from home. And while many adjusted to their “new normal,” others explain why the adjustment has been difficult.

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When asked about working from home, Saskatchewan residents are split on how productive they say they are. A similar portion of people (37%) says they are a lot less/little less productive than those (35%) who say they are a lot more/a bit more productive.

How is the Overall Perception of our Health in Saskatchewan? 

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Since the beginning of 2020, Saskatchewan residents report that their health broadly (62%) remains the same. 24% say that their health is a lot/a little worse. Another 11% say that their health is a little bit better.

While most residents report that their health stayed relatively the same, some commented on how COVID-19 changed their lifestyle, whether focusing on more exercise or spending more time outdoors.

Has Our Outlook Changed on Society?

When asked if attitudes have changed about society and how it functions since the beginning of 2020, a significant portion agreed that it has, with 37% agreeing that their attitudes have changed a lot. Similarly, 46% say their attitude has changed a little about society and the way it functions.

Looking at the events of 2020 – Insightrix surveyed residents to see they believe the events of 2020 will have a positive or negative lasting impact on the world.

63% reported that they think there will be a lasting negative impact, while another 21% say that it could have a positive lasting impact.

All Doom and Gloom?

Further, 42% of residents believe that the events of 2020 will leave a lasting negative impact on society.

How optimistic are Saskatchewan residents for 2021?

As the year unfolds, 6 in 10 residents say they are optimistic about the year!

Research Details
A total of 801 randomly selected SaskWatch Research® panel members participated in the online research study between November 16-20, 2020. Quotas were set by age, gender and region to match the general population.

Since the research is conducted online, it is considered a non-probability proportion sample; therefore, margins of error are not applicable. However, the margin of error can be estimated to be ±3.5 percentage points, 19 times out of 20 for questions answered by all respondents.


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